Managing Your Biases Live Stream Course

All of us experience automatic thoughts and feelings about others based on race, ethnicity, accent, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, education, income level, physical presentation, (clothing, body type, tattoos), physical ability, and other characteristics. Eliminating such thoughts may be challenging, but as responsible human beings, we can learn to manage our biases so they do not affect the way we treat others.

Courses in Cultural Competence and Diversity

Courses in Cultural Competence and Diversity is a PDF file. Download the free Adobe Acrobat reader if needed.

Reducing Health Disparities in Asian American and Pacific Islander Populations

This course was developed over 15 years ago by Management Sciences for Health.  Some of the information is outdated and we are currently seeking funding to update it.  Gail Price-Wise led the project. Ann Buxbaum, James Wolff, Jennifer Rodine, Fiona Nauseda, and Alex Bermudez wrote much of the content and built the course. Enable Flash in your Web browser for the best viewing experience. Videos may take several seconds to load in. 

Competencia Intercultural

This Spanish-language course “Cultural Competence in Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare” was developed by a team of experts at Management Sciences for Health and the ACQUIRE project of Engender Health. It was funded by the US Agency for International Development. Gail Price-Wise led the content development and she worked closely with the web designers. The course was developed to help healthcare providers in Bolivia work more effectively with indigenous populations. Although the course focuses on sexual and reproductive health, much of the material will be useful to any healthcare provider who works with patients of a different culture. Enable Flash in your Web browser for the best viewing experience.